Minimize the Surprise For Dental Restorations

The my3Shape for Patients app can give you and your patients the control they need to feel satisfied with their restorations.

Whether they are following orthodontic treatments, planning a new smile, or simply want to see their teeth for themselves in 3D, this app will help your patients feel more involved in their dental restoration process.

stratasys printed dental partial casted

Dental 3D Printing for Business Success

“The models that we were outsourcing were not as accurate as what we are getting from our Stratasys printers.”
– Cody Iverson / CDT | President, Iverson Dental Laboratories

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Precision Pays Off

It’s no secret that a fundamental tenet of business success is to take care of your customers.

3d printed dental model

3D Printed Dental Models


Iverson Dental Labs offers dentist the option to choose 3D printed models from a traditional impression.

Benefits include:

  • Adaptation to soft tissue
  • Higher Accuracy
  • No digital impression needed!
  • Save chair time due to accuracy
  • Model Free option


Iverson Dental Labs offers dentist the option to choose 3D printed models from a traditional impression.

Gear Up Right with Custom-made Mouthguards

“13-39% of all dental injuries are sports-related,” as stated in the Journal of the American Dental Association. Mouthguards are protective devices for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, jaws, arches, lips and gums1. They are designed to absorb and distribute the forces of impact received while participating in contact sports—reducing the risk of sports-related dental injuries.

Fighting Tooth Decay with Diet

“A clean tooth will not decay” stated J. Leon Williams, first president of the American Dental Association1. According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “oral hygiene is sufficiently effective to prevent dental [cavities] caries,” however, “it is unrealistic to assume that simple brushing alone will prevent dental caries”1. Other factors such as eating frequency,

Dental cases are tracked and processed for fabrication by Iverson's logistics department

The Importance of an Effective Logistics Department in the Dental Laboratory

In order to deliver high quality dental restorations that meet dentists’ expectations, the dental laboratory requires an efficient logistics team to deliver dental restorations on time and with the proper requirements determined by the doctor.

The logistics department is one of the most important aspects of Iverson Dental Labs, because it manages and tracks dental cases throughout the entire manufacturing process.

dental tooth blowing bubble sugar-free gum

How Sugar-Free Gum can be Good and Bad for Your Teeth

At one point, The American Dental Association (ADA) website suggested that chewing gum should be the fourth step in your oral hygiene routine and suggested using it after a meal. But after digging into some research, we have found that there are some concerns to whether sugar-free gum and sugar-free products are actually helpful for your dental health.

worst and best holiday candies for your teeth

The Worst and Best Candy for Your Teeth

Every holiday season we find ourselves grazing on those delicious holiday treats—candy canes, gingerbread cookies, chocolate turtles, etc.—like their open season. You usually have to get to them quick or you are stuck with the not-so-delicious options.

Although that sweet sensation can be satisfying, it also can be damaging to your teeth and increases the likelihood of cavities.

Trinia Metal-free implant bar and abutment

Trinia – Metal-free Implant Bars and Abutments

Trinia™ CAD/CAM Discs and Blocks – A Ultralight Alternative to Metal Substructures

Trinia™, a CAD/CAM fiber-reinforced composite, was first introduced in 2010 and has achieved remarkable clinical success and acceptance among dental professionals worldwide. With the growing demand for alternatives to metal substructures in dentistry, Trinia CAD/CAM blocks and discs are the new advanced solution to CAD/CAM metal-free restorations.