IDeaL Smile Design Diagnostic Wax-ups

diagnostic wax up ideal smile design

IDeaL Smile Design Diagnostic Wax-ups

Make dentistry more predictable with IDeal Smile Design Diagnostic Wax-ups. In large cases, it is especially beneficial to see the results before completing it. Iverson considers IDeal Smile Designs as the foundation of the whole treatment plan. It shows how the aesthetics and function will look. We create appliances such as guides, stents, templates, and matrixes from a wax model to help with surgical and restorative procedures.

Lowest remake and adjustment rate

at 2.6%

Average turnaround time

4-7 days in-lab


IDeaL Smile Design from Iverson Dental Labs

Some doctors use IDeal Smile Design Diagnostic Wax-ups to show patients how their treatment will make their smile look. However, using IDeal smile design is not just for aesthetics but also function. for instance, if you are going to change the vertical dimension, a wax-up is crucial.

The IDeal Smile Design Diagnostic Wax-ups is a template used to create treatment tools for achieving the desired outcome.

  1. Two different preparation silicone index/guides. Using them is important. It ensures enough space for the chosen material to be strong and durable. It also helps achieve the desired appearance.
    • A palatal guide, which includes the incisal edge of the teeth.
    • A window guide.
      • i. Pre-preparation: identifies teeth that are not in the right position compared to the final result. You must reduce the identified areas prior to creating a mock-up to prevent distortion of the stent.
      • During preparation: used to confirm the depth of the final preparations.
  2. A copyplast stent. Used to create:
    • The intraoral mock-up: pre-treatment evaluation and/or mock-up for final tooth preparation.
    • We will use provisional restorations in trial therapy to evaluate the desired esthetic and functional changes. You should incorporate any changes made in the provisional restorations into the design and fabrication of the definitive restorations.
  3. A provisional shell is made before the preparation of the teeth.