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Dental Veneers

Iverson Dental Labs manufactures dental veneers in a variety of all-ceramic materials for exceptional quality and durability to help make your patient’s ideal smile a reality. They are primarily used for frontal teeth to correct tooth gaps, tooth misalignment’s, tooth discoloration and chipped or cracked teeth..

Lowest remake and adjustment rate

at 2.6%

Average turn around time

5-day in-lab


Dental Veneers from Iverson Dental Laboratories

Recent advancements in the dental field have expanded the types of veneers available for your patient. For example, many types now require no preparation for the natural tooth, and color matching is easier than ever before. Furthermore, with the translucency of veneer ceramics, visible tooth surfaces receive an optimized natural look.

We utilize advanced ceramic technology to exceed your patient’s expectations of esthetic precision and quality you would expect from a full-service dental lab. Firstly, by using only the highest quality ceramic materials, such as Zirconia and IPS e.max®, we can achieve a more natural-looking prosthetic without compromising durability. Secondly, our dental technicians have an artistic eye for matching the restoration’s hue and value perfectly to your patient’s existing teeth, creating a flawless smile. Thirdly, we are known for our precisely fitting veneers; allowing for easy seating, minimal to no adjustments, and quick chair time. Resulting in a happy patient!

We offer the most sought-after types of veneers due to the availability of advanced ceramic materials for enhanced durability and esthetics:

We fabricate a wide range of high-quality dental products in our US-based laboratory

Iverson Dental Laboratories is a full-service dental lab and leader in cosmetic dentistry, implants, and digital dentistry. For instance, making all of our USA Dental Products in-house allows us to have an unbeatable average 5-day in-lab turnaround time as opposed to the industry’s average 3-week in-lab turnaround time due to outsourcing. Firstly, We leverage the latest dental technologies to consistently produce high-quality restorations with esthetically accurate results. Secondly, we pride ourselves on having the lowest remake and adjustment rate in the dental industry at 2.6%. Thirdly, we create positive experiences for both you and your patient; finding the best solutions with exceptional clinical quality is what we strive for in every routine and complex dental case. In conclusion, our goal is simple: consistently produce natural-looking restorations to restore confidence in your patient’s smile.

To sum up, we excel in both digital and conventional fabrications for a wide range of dental products.