Partials and Dentures

Removable denture

Partials and Dentures

Iverson’s Partials and Dentures are often an affordable and less invasive alternative to replace missing teeth compared to other tooth replacement options such as implants. Depending on your patient’s personal preference of cost and esthetic appearance, Iverson Dental Labs can assist you with determining the best option available for the most comfortable fit and function.

Lowest remake and adjustment rate

at 2.6%

Average turn around time

7-day in-lab


Iverson Proudly Offers:

  • Complete Denture
  • Complete Denture on Implants
  • Complete Partial Denture
  • Partial Denture Frame
  • Valplast Partial Denture
  • TCS Partial Denture
  • FRS Partial Denture
  • Soft Reline
  • Hard Reline
  • Stayplate with 1 Tooth

As a Full-Service Dental Lab, we can offer many Denture Services including partial dentures, nightguards, sport mouth guards, stay plates and customized treatment planning by our expert technical advisors to help determine the best possible solution for your patient’s removable needs.

Partial dentures are ideal for patients with at least one natural tooth remaining in their mouth. Partial removable, such as TCS and Valplast dentures, not only helps the patient maintain a beautiful smile but also keeps the remaining natural teeth from shifting. Stay plates are a temporary solution to keep the teeth from shifting while the patient waits for Iverson to quickly deliver their prosthetic denture. Hybrid dentures, also known as Implant-Supported Dentures, are more of a permanent solution to tooth replacement. They are ideal for edentulous patients because of the stable and biocompatible nature of the hybrid denture. With the advancement in Dental CAD/CAM Digital technologies, we are able to design and fabricate partial and hybrid dentures with unparalleled accuracy and predictability. Our high-quality removables can correct several dental issues to ensure your patient feels excited about their smile again.

We fabricate a wide range of high quality dental products in our US based laboratory

Iverson Dental Laboratories is a full service dental lab and leader in cosmetic dentistry, implants, and digital dentistry. Making all of our USA Dental Products in house allows us to have an unbeatable average 5-day in-lab turn around time as opposed to the industry’s average 3-week in-lab turn around time due to outsourcing. Firstly, We leverage the latest dental technologies to consistently produce high quality restorations with esthetically accurate results. Secondly, We pride ourselves on having the lowest remake and adjustment rate in the dental industry at 2.6%. Thirdly, We create positive experiences for both you and your patient; finding the best solutions with exceptional clinical quality is what we strive for every routine and complex dental case. Finally, Our goal is simple: consistently produce natural looking restorations to restore confidence in your patients smile.

To sum up, We excel in both digital and conventional fabrications for a wide range of dental products.