Implant Removables

Implant Removables all on 4 denture implant

Implant Removables

Iverson’s Implant Removables are fabricated by our certified dental technicians to ensure an optimal fit and beautiful esthetics. They are a cost-effective means of stabilizing your patients’ dentures and improving prosthetic retention, function, and speech.


The Most Ideal Denture

Implant removables, (sometimes refused as an overdenture) provide a more stable removable prosthesis. Furthermore, they improve retention, function, and speech. Implant removables use at least two implants that are supported by soft tissue. This makes it easy for the patient to remove for cleaning. This removable implant solution is recommended when the patient doesn’t have enough bone to support the number of implants needed.

Iverson’s Implant removables are fabricated through a simple, predictable clinical workflow. Furthermore, they are an excellent option for patients looking for a low-cost implant solution for a poorly fitting, unstable denture. Above all, for patients who desire a palateless maxillary denture, upper implant overdentures can be fabricated in the shape of a horseshoe, addressing patient issues with comfort, speech, and taste.


When the decision is made to use a surgical guide, there are no standards that suggest a specific design. Firstly, one of the advantages of planning cases digitally is the ability to utilize supporting structures during the treatment planning and design process. Meanwhile, these can include teeth, mucosa, bone, and possibly existing implant components.

Secondly, treatment planning in cases involving a completely edentulous patient provides several options. for instance, stackable guides are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and adaptability. These guides derive support from a single foundational guide. The foundation guide is placed first, generally with support from bone, and followed by the sequential placement of required guides. For example, the first component may be a guide that could direct any needed reduction of the alveolar ridge, while the second component allows the placement of implant fixtures. Furthermore, additional components can allow the accurate placement of restorative components, and the ability to index the prosthesis on the foundation guide.

Make placing Implants Easy

Whether you are placing a single-unit implant or a full-arch, our Implant Specialists will help achieve your desired prosthetic outcome. Firstly, our experienced CDT creates treatment plans and surgical guides that ensure your implants are positioned in the maximum amount of bone. In addition, they also help you achieve the esthetic and function desired.

Secondly, our Digital Treatment Planning team is well equipped to help you maximize productivity and profitability on your implant cases. For example, you can submit your scans, have the optimal positioning of your implants, receive your surgical plan and guide, and place your implants in the location needed.

Thirdly, we have the surgical and restorative expertise to help you efficiently place implants.  Avoid surprises during surgery with an established foundation for smooth, easy-to-deliver restoration. Furthermore, we save you chair time and expenses along the way. In conclusion, no matter how simple or complex a case is, our team can help you deliver a safe, smooth, and streamlined surgical experience for your patients.