Turbo Case

Turbo Case best dental lab with 5 day turn around

Turbo Case

Iverson happily offers Turbo option on your cases. If you or your patient is in a rush to receive their final restoration, for an additional charge we can rush the case. below is a list of our Turbo case turnaround times. Please call if you have any questions or concerns.

Lowest remake and adjustment rate

at 2.6%

Average turnaround time

2-4 day in-lab


Turbo Turnaround Times

Say that three times fast!

NatZRal Plus® / e.max / FCZ * – 2 Days (usually 5 Days)

PFZ / PFM / Full Cast * – 3 Days (usually 5-7 Days)

Implants: NatZRal Plus® / e.max / FCZ * – 3 Days (usually 7 Days)

Implants: PFZ / PFM / Full Cast * – 4 Days (usually 7 Days)

Denture / Partial * – 2 Days (usually 6-7 Days)

Splints * – 2 Days (usually 4 Days)

Rush Dental cases

It’s not ideal to rush at anything, that is when mistakes happen. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go to plan. When your patient comes to you and needs their restoration done yesterday, no need to worry! Iverson has your back! We do charge a small fee for our turbo cases, but for those pushy patients, it is well worth it. Our turbo/rush cases go through the same rigorous 7-step quality control. Therefore, there is no need to worry about losing quality with a turbo case. If you have a case that you need even sooner than the days available, Call! We will be happy to see if we can accommodate your needs. (800)334-2057

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