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The Iverson 555 Advantage

With Iverson Dental Labs you get the 555 Advantage! Most of our restorations are 5 days in lab so the patient has less time without their restoration. Our products are known for fitting in the mouth so well, seat time has been reported to take 5 minutes or less. The time saved from not having to adjust restorations allows time for you to see 5 more patients a day!

5 Day Turn Around

5 Minute Seat Time

5 More Patients a Day

“We just sat J. Cohen case, which was our first. Really great work, I’m impressed. Contact was perfect. I also wanted to thank you for your time, professionalism, and attention to detail. In almost 17 years as a dentist, in 3 states, and many labs, I have yet to see such a proactive nature in a lab. It was refreshing and much appreciated. Thank you – Dr. Etue”

Iverson Dental Labs Products and Support

High-Quality Dental Lab Products

Iverson Dental offers a variety of high-quality dental lab products. For instance, our high-quality materials combined with our certified technicians results in High-quality products. Above all, we offer technical advice, on-site training, and education on implant procedures, techniques, and CAD/CAM digital technologies.

Collaborative teamwork and effective communication

We believe communication between our lab and the dentist results in the best product outcome. Importantly, we are a reliable, specialize in advanced implant techniques, all-ceramic restorations, and customized treatment planning. In addition, with almost 30 years of experience, you can trust our US-Based Laboratory will correctly design and produce your case with attention to aesthetics and function. In conclusion, we are leading the digital revolution by utilizing CAD/CAM Dental Systems for cost efficiency, reliability, and accuracy. 

Full-Service Dental Lab

We are a Full-Service Dental Laboratory and leader in Digital Dentistry. Further, we are consistently producing high-quality dental restorations with brilliant esthetics and ideal fitting. Above all, we take great pride in our team of certified dental technicians who have an artistic eye for shade matching and shaping the restoration for a natural, beauty and functionality. Finally, every product goes through a stringent 7-step quality control process before being finalized.

Lowest remake and adjustment rates in the dental industry at 2.6%!

Most noteworthy, our doctors report a 5-minute or less seat time per unit due to the accurate fit of our restorations. We also can account for an average 5-day in-lab turnaround time because we manufacture all of our dental products in the US when many other labs outsource work with low quality. Call Iverson today to learn why Iverson Dental is the best dental lab for your needs! (800) 334-2057