NatZRal Plus® Full Arch

NatZRal Plus® gives single unit and bridge implants an amazing, natural-looking esthetic while still retaining zirconia-level strength.
You can now get these awesome features on full arch indications.

The NatZRal Plus® Full Arch implant offers a fixed implant solution for edentulous patients seeking a stronger, more esthetic replacement for removable dentures. This implant has the strength of zirconia but also the translucency and esthetics of a natural tooth. Since the full arch NatZRal Plus® implants are screw retained, patients can be sure that their implant will stay in place throughout the day (even during periods of chewing and speaking). Removable dentures leave patients worried that their implant will fall out of place.

How crucial is a full arch implant?

Patients are oftentimes surprised to find out how much the jaw bone starts deteriorating after the teeth fall out. Without teeth or a sturdy jaw bone to go with them, these patients lose their ability to chew. Furthermore, the structure of their face begins to change. The chin also starts a process of rotating forward. This all can lead to premature aging of the face. A patient’s self-confidence can truly be harmed due to these changes. Confidence levels may seem very trivial but low confidence can affect the way people present themselves to the world. Fixed implants restore chewing function, preserve remaining bone in the jaw, as well as the general structure of the face. The NatZRal Plus® Full Arch implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They simply offer your patients more than a beautiful, functional smile. They can drastically improve someone’s quality of life.

Our specialists at Iverson Dental Labs can create a precise and predictable fit for every patient using CAD/CAM technology. For more information on how you can give your patients the NatZRal Plus® full arch experience, call our team of specialists at (800) 334-2057 today!