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Full credit is given for the scan body cost once IDL receives the case. Iverson Dental Labs is the Ultimate Implant Dental Lab, providing our clients with the tools and resources needed to succeed. We believe building a partnership with our clients is the key to accomplishing impeccable results every time. CLICK HERE TO FILL THE FORM

Iverson has the lowest remake and adjustment rate in the industry

at 2.6%

Doctors report an average

5-minute seat time

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Average turnaround time

5-day in-lab

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Saved chair time allows

5 more patients a day

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Iverson fabricate a wide range of high-quality dental products in our US-based laboratory

Iverson Dental Laboratories is a full-service dental lab and leader in cosmetic dentistry, implants, and digital dentistry. Making all of our USA Dental Products in-house allows us to have an unbeatable average 5-day in-lab turnaround time compared to the industry’s average 3-week in-lab turnaround time due to outsourcing. We leverage the latest dental technologies to consistently produce high-quality restorations with esthetically accurate results. We pride ourselves on having the lowest remake and adjustment rate in the dental industry at 2.6%. We create positive experiences for both you and your patient; finding the best solutions with exceptional clinical quality is what we strive for in every routine and complex dental case. Our goal is simple: consistently produce natural-looking restorations to restore confidence in your patient’s smile.

We excel in digital and conventional fabrications for a wide range of dental products.