Live Video Dental Technical Advising

Live Video Dental Technical Advising

Live Video Dental Tehnical Advising

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Easy 6-Step Instructions for Web Camera Set-up

1. Plug the Web Cam into an open USB 2.0 slot in the back of your computer.
2. Install all drivers associated with the camera.
3. The logistics center will send an email with a URL link to initiate the videoconference with our lab.
4. After clicking on the URL Link, a new window will pop-up and asks you to choose a screen name. Choose a screen name and then click “connect.” Note: If you have pop-up block enabled, make sure to “always allow” pop-ups from ‘’ in your browser.
5. You will be directed to a new page and a new window will open in your browser for the videoconference. Allow your browser to have access to your video camera and audio input device.
6. When finished with the meeting, simply go to the menu on the bottom right and click “Exit.”

Iverson’s Live Videoconferencing Service for Technical Advising

Enrich communication, collaboration, and professional interactions with Iverson’s Live Videoconferencing Service for Live Video Dental Technical Advising. We provide our doctors with real-time video conference technical advising to improve communications between our lab and our dentists, allowing for visual collaboration on treatment planning and a better understanding of technical solutions through visual demonstration. Our lab and our doctors are able to visually communicate minute details that can’t be achieved from a phone call, which is currently the main method of communication used by dental labs for technical advising.

Exchange information instantly and meet face-to-face with our dental technicians and managers to collaborate as an efficient team in the interest of the patient’s oral health. With real-time video technical advising the dentist is able to effectively communicate the exact prescription specifications, leaving little room for error when the lab can confirm the final product parameters face-to-face with the doctor. Iverson Labs believes improving communication between the dentist and dental laboratory will save time, effort, and improve the quality of the final dental lab product.

Importance of Effective Communication

“Communication is the key to success in cosmetic dentistry/laboratory relations”1.
The importance of effective communication has been highlighted by numerous studies. Proper communication starts with the doctor’s treatment plan and then effectively communicated to the lab in order for the lab to properly fabricate prosthetics with the ideal fit, function and esthetic appearance. We embrace the notion that dentists are knowledgeable experts in their field and our goal is to help them succeed in every aspect of their careers, striving to coproduce dental restorations to ultimately achieve patient satisfaction for every dental case.

Advantages of Real-Time Video Technical Advising

•    Improves communication between the lab and doctor
•    Visually communicate with lab on technical issues
•    Visually collaborate on case planning and material options
•    Better understanding of technical solutions through visual demonstration
•    Ability for chair side face-to-face personal interactions between the lab, dentist and patient; allowing for the patient to feel more included in the decision-making process for their treatment