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NatZRal Plus™

This product not only has a 1100 MPA strength, but it is also more translucent than layered ceramics. It is considered to be the strongest, most beautiful restoration in dental history.


Saliwell is the first FDA approved medical device for Xerostomia, and it is available exclusively through Iverson Dental Labs!

Recognized and sought out dental work

Iverson Dental Labs has CDT Implant Specialists working in-house. We have the ability to use IDL signature custom CAD/CAM components or authentic implant manufacture components. We also offer dentures and partials.

Patient Acquisition Services

We offer social media as well as website maintenance so you can continue to bring in new patients with little to no effort on your behalf.

Easily Accessible

Iverson Dental Labs utilizes a doctor portal in which you can manage payments and invoices, track cases, check case progress, view statements, and download important forms the minute you need them.

Fast turnaround times

Our lab has what we call the "5-5-5 Advantage" which refers to our 5 day turnaround and 5 minute seat-time that gives you the  ability to see 5 more patients per day!

before smile make over
after smile make over

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