Texas Dental Laboratory

Dental Laboratory for Texas Dentists


Known as the leading certified dental lab in the United States, Iverson Dental Lab is honored to be bringing dental practices in Texas satisfied patients that keep coming back. Using the absolute best quality materials, we achieve the most esthetically accurate results you will find. We excel in both digital and conventional fabrications for a wide range of dental products. Our goal is simple: consistently produce natural looking results to restore confidence in your patients smile.

Not only do we possess the best team of dental technicians and specialists that produce the fastest turnaround times, we are the only lab in the United States that is distributing an exclusive and cutting edge product to dental professionals. Saliwell is an FDA approved intraoral electro stimulation device that provides safe and effective relief of dry mouth by stimulating the salivary gland. The Saliwell electrostimulation device consists of a mouthpiece made to fit loosely on the patient’s mandibular dental arch and an infrared remote control. The electrodes within the custom made mouthpiece stimulate the lingual nerve. This activates the salivary glands, which then generate saliva. This noninvasive solution for dry mouth is already doing wonders for so many patients who are seeing results after as little as one month of use with increasing saliva flow over eight months of use. Find out more about Saliwell on our Products page.

Bringing Digital Dentistry to Texas


Furthermore, Iverson Dental Labs is no stranger to technology. We are growing with the digital revolution in the dental industry, known as Digital Dentistry, to provide the best dental lab services, superior customer service and efficient manufacturing for fast turnaround times. Digital Dentistry is increasingly becoming the new standard in modern dental care because of how accurate, predictable, and cost efficient the technology has made the production of dental prosthetics. Our digital systems provided by our lab are some of the most dentist and patient friendly on the market. We support all major CAD/CAM Digital Scanners including Cerec Connect, 3Shape, iTero, 3M ESPE, Carestream and more.

Our dental laboratory also provides learning opportunities for dentists and their staff. Dentists can utilize Iverson’s On-site Operatory & Training Facility for educational seminars on 3D printing in the dental field, dental CAD/CAM digital systems and advanced implant techniques to enhance their skills and practice. We make the transition from conventional fabricated methods to digital fabrication as seamless as possible. If you’re not ready to give up conventional impressions just yet but you’re curious to see what digital dentistry has to offer, try our model-free option. Our skilled CAD/CAM department uses a digital technique to scan in your conventional impressions to design your model and restoration virtually, milling out a flawless prosthetic every time. Being nationally known and respected for our expertise in dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and digital CAD/CAM technologies, we provide continuing education opportunities at our on-site training operatory for dental professionals.

If your Texas dental practice is looking to jump on board with Iverson’s superior dental lab productions, you can expect us to follow a strict 7-step quality control process during production that ensures every case receives the highest possible level of attention and care. In addition, you will receive service help from friendly, expert technical advisors available for product solutions, free estimates and treatment planning. Our logistics team keeps your dental case on track according to your patient’s appointment date. Our automated email notifications make it easy to track your case at any time. Together we strive for perfection, and excel at what we do. Let us bring our hard work and supreme products to your Texas dental practice.