digital – 3M ESPE True Definition IntraOral Scanner

3M ESPE True Definition IntraOral Scanner

3M Espe Intra Oral Scanner System
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3M True Definition Scanner with Iverson Dental Laboratories

The 3M™ ESPE True Definition IntraOral Scanner is accurate enough for your most challenging cases—long-span bridges, multi-unit restorations and full-arch dentistry—where there is little tolerance for distortion or error.


3M™ True Definition Scanner impressions have been used to create thousands of cases tracking at a clinically fit rate of 99.7%. Doctors who’ve used it say restorations just “drop right in.” The accuracy is so reliable, many cases don’t even require a model.


These precisely fitting restorations eliminate the need for retakes, remakes and adjustments which means:

  • Faster seating times and fewer return visits associated with remakes
  • Lower material and labor costs
  • Improved patient convenience, satisfaction and loyalty



Benefits of digital process versus traditional process:

  • Predictable clinical outcomes.
  • Better Oral Care
  • Better Patient Experience
  • Improved Productivity



The 3M™ ESPE True Definition IntraOral Scanner is more accurate and more consistently accurate than leading systems on the market. 99.84% Fit Rate.



Choices supported by an open and secure cloud-based platform.

  • More choices—store, share and connect
  • Ultimate flexibility—download open STL files
  • System compatibility—now and in the future



Small, ergonomic scanner has the familiar feel of a handpiece.

  • Light and balanced
  •  Fits in the hand like a mirror or a handpiece
  • Clinicians will find it comfortable and intuitive because it uses familiar muscle memory



The 3M™ True Definition Scanner puts CAD/CAM dentistry within reach for any practice. Now, you can add this advanced digital impression system to your practice at an unprecedented suggested retail price of $11,995, coupled with data plans as low a $199 per month. The scanner and data plans are available from qualified 3M True Definition Scanner Channel Partners.

  • Discount Pricing on Restorations

Digital dentistry is taken to the next level with 3M ESPE products. Their wide array of products enhances the dental experience for both the cosmetic dentist and the patient. The digital dentistry products offered by 3M ESPE include solutions to improve the efficiency and comfort for many areas in cosmetic dentistry, including:

  • Restorative processes
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dental implants

When dental work is made comfortable, patients return to finish their course of treatment. 3M ESPE offers the latest advances of digital technology including CAD/CAM dentistry. Digital technology eases frustration and anxiety of dental patients. Advances in digital dentistry, such as digital x-rays, minimize the physical discomfort of dental patients