3 Shape Trios Ortho IntraOral Scanner

3 Shape Trios Ortho IntraOral Scanner

TRIOS Color at the “Best of Class” Technology Fair, ADA 2013
As an award winner, 3Shape TRIOS® Color will be showcased during the Pride Institute Best of Class “Tech Expo” at the American Dental Association’s Annual Session. This event offers face-to-face interaction with the honored companies as well as technology-centered education provided by members of the panel and also the esteemed consultants of Pride Institute.

Another great advancement in digital dentistry lies with 3Shape products. 3Shape offers products for dentists in all sub-specialties, including orthodontia and cosmetic dentistry. For orthodontia, 3Shape presents the TRIOS® Ortho and Ortho System™. This digital solution improves patient satisfaction by enabling faster diagnosis. A faster diagnosis for the patient means they do not have to wait days or weeks to receive a treatment plan. For cosmetic dentistry, 3Shape offers incredible solutions including TRIOS® Color Digital Temporary scanning. This advancement in digital dentistry assists the dental professional in creating a better temporary solution during the treatment process. This product is part of 3Shape’s Dental System 2013.

  • High quality clinical results
  • High digital impression accuracy for high quality restoration fit
  • Instant preparation and impression validation
  • Reduced adjustment and grinding during seating Patients
  • Easy impression taking
  • Powder-free scanning
  • No impression materials and mess
  • Never retake an impression
  • Stronger business
  • Faster impression taking and reduced chair time
  • Save materials and shipping costs
  • Possibility to reduce costs with model-free crowns
  • Online interactive communication

Discounted Pricing on Restorations.
3Shape Trios solves many problems by providing accurate impressions from the start and a better patient experience. Trios Ultrafast Optical Sectioning™ technology has been boosted with scan color, extra speed and an optimized tip design for ideal patient experience and integrated anti-mist functionality. Clinics can choose between a Trios Standard or a Trios Color solution.