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  • What to know about dental implants January 17, 2020
    Dental implants are artificial structures that replace missing teeth. Learn more about the different types and implantation procedures.
  • Full liquid diet: Everything you need to know January 16, 2020
    A doctor may recommend a full liquid diet for a short time for people with certain medical conditions. Learn more about what to eat and avoid on the full liquid diet here.
  • How to treat a dry mouth at home December 9, 2019
    There are many ways to treat a dry mouth at home, including using a humidifier, sucking on sugar-free lozenges, and trying alcohol-free mouthwash. Learn more.
  • Dental bridge: Everything you need to know December 4, 2019
    A dental bridge can replace a missing tooth or several teeth. In this article, learn how dental bridges work, including the types and what to expect.
  • Do braces hurt? What to expect December 4, 2019
    People often wonder whether braces hurt. Here, we discuss the pain or discomfort that people may experience when getting and wearing braces.

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