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  • What is the soft palate? November 5, 2019
    The soft palate is the muscular part of the roof of the mouth. This article provides a diagram of the soft palate and discusses its anatomy and functions, as well as the conditions that affect it.
  • Teeth: Names, types, and functions October 23, 2019
    The types of teeth are incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. The last of the molars to erupt are the wisdom teeth. Learn more about the types of teeth in this article.
  • How does tooth enamel last a lifetime? October 2, 2019
    Enamel is the strongest tissue in the human body. A recent study finds that an imperfect alignment of crystals helps produce this incredible resilience.
  • Severe gum disease linked to 49% higher risk of hypertension September 24, 2019
    A new systematic review and meta-analysis concludes that there is a linear association between the severity of gum disease and the risk of hypertension.
  • Does poor oral health impact brain function? September 14, 2019
    Two new studies suggest that there is an association between stress related tooth problems and cognitive decline among older populations.

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