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The Iverson Advantage

Iverson Dental Laboratories

Iverson Dental Labs is a leading edge dental laboratory and believes in keeping up with the latest dental technologies and techniques to provide the best experience for dentists and their patients. We are constantly evolving to reduce costs, improve customer service and enhance dental prosthetics. The Iverson team is committed to providing you and your patient with cutting edge technology, brand name products, superior customer service and expert technical advice.

The Iverson advantage starts by leveraging the latest in Digital Dentistry to make digital impressions and dental fabrications at a reduced cost, higher productivity, unparalled predictability and better patient comfort. Taking digital impressions surpasses conventional methods for a variety of reasons and is increasingly becoming the preferred method.

Another advantage is the efficiency of computerized systems to track dental cases during shipment and production. Dental digital systems, such as CEREC Connect, 3 SHAPE, iTERO and 3M ESPE, connects directly to our laboratory so your dental cases will be emailed instantly to our labs for immediate production while saving you material and delivery costs. We develop web and mobile applications so you can easily access your dental cases and pay invoices. We also create web and mobile alerts for your convenience. We specialize in Patient Acquisition Services and digital media to increase leads and sales for your dental practice.

Lastly, our exceptional customer service exceeds dentist’s expectations by delivering their dental products within 5 days on average, having effective communication and expert advisers to answer any questions on complex or routine dental cases. We can offer an array of services including pick up, scheduling and billing solutions. Our expert technical advisors are here for product solutions, free estimates and treatment planning. We can help your dental practice be more efficient to maximize your profits and patient acceptance. To find out more about the Iverson Advantage call us Toll Free at 1-800-334-2057.