Management Team

Iverson Dental Labs Management Team

Our management team consists of a knowledgeable group of dental professionals who work passionately together to become the ultimate dental lab resource. Corey Iverson, CEO, works closely together with Cody Iverson, President, and Travis Iverson, Director of Operations, to maximize efficiency and productivity within Iverson Lab’s day to day operations. They have one clear, unified vision: Ensure consistency and quality production of dental products within all the departments of dental lab in the fastest possible manner without compromising quality. They personally train our dental technicians to handle the most complex cases to fabricate functionable, lifelike prosthetics because they believe collaborative communication is key to the success on every dental case. Our Implant Specialist, Tommy Rogers offers industry-leading knowledge in many aspects of the dental profession. Together we strive for perfection, work through obstacles and challenges, and excel at what we do.

Travis Iverson Director of Operations
Travis Iverson
Director of Operations

Ph: 800.334.2057 Ext. 224
Fx: 951.276.1446

Cody Iverson President
Cody Iverson

Ph: 800.334.2057 Ext. 229
Fx: 951.276.1446

Tommy Rogers Implant Specialist
Tommy Rogers
Implant Specialist

Ph: 800.334.2057 Ext. 243
Fx: 951.300.1637