Iverson’s 555 Advantage – Save Chair Time

Iverson's 555 Advantage - Save Chair Time

Save Chair Time with Iverson’s 555 Advantage

Save Chair Time with our 5-day in-lab turnaround time for most dental restorations and a 5 minute or less seat time per unit, allows you to see up to 5 more patients a day with the extra chair time! Our long time dentist-clients boast about seating our crowns and bridges in less than 5 minutes per unit not only due to the impeccable fit, but also the precision of anatomy and shade to the patient’s natural teeth. This not only makes your workday easier by saving time with little to no adjusting, but opens up chair time to see up to 5 more patients a day; thus, increasing their revenue not just by saving money, but making money too!

Iverson’s 555 Advantage starts with proper manufacturing of dental materials to ensure strength and esthetics live up to our high quality standards. Next, our CDT department managers oversee our strict 7-step quality control process for every dental case to make sure we are delivering only the best to your patients.

We design and manufacture all of dental lab products at our US-based dental laboratory to be able to provide fast turnaround times and higher quality that dentists expect from a full service dental lab. We ensure quality and accuracy for every case, allowing us to have one of the lowest remake and adjustment rate in the dental industry at 2.6%!

“I couldn’t be happier! Finally, a dental laboratory that finds the balance between outstanding work and excellent communication with lab personnel! Most of the cases I seat with no adjustments and the patients couldn’t be happier. Iverson makes dentistry much easier with the expertise of Cody and Corey, while the attention to detail provides successful results on difficult cases. A team approach providing quality restorations is very evident, from communication with phone members to department managers, ensuring excellent outcomes. Outstanding!” Dr.Patrick Oshita, DDS Montebello, CA.

When considering Iverson’s 555 Advantage, take into account of what kind of quality and services you as a dentist would like to see from your dental lab. Ultimately it is the dentist’s responsibility to choose what goes into their patient’s mouth and choosing the best dental lab products can be crucial to the success or failure of a dental practice. When dentists outsource to distant countries it can take several weeks for their dental case to be manufactured and sent back, even then the quality of materials and craft are not always up to clinical standards. When quality and integrity of the prosthetic is compromised the dentist could wait weeks for their adjusted or remade dental case. This creates many problems for the dentist including the patient’s teeth may move in-between waiting periods, resulting in the restoration not fitting properly and ultimately a displeased patient.
Iverson’s 555 Advantage exceeds dentist’s expectations with the promise of superior dental prosthetics and customer service at a quicker rate than other competitors. With our skilled team of certified dental technicians and advances in digital CAD/CAM technologies to increase our productivity, why not utilize Iverson’s 555 Advantage?