Accuguide Treatment planning

Dental Implant Accuguide Treatment planning

The Surgical Planning workflow involves the entire dental team from the very beginning and allows for fully autonomous, computer-guided surgery of any implant on todays market.


1. Master model fabrication

Master model fabricationThe master model represents the patient situation and is the basis for the production of the scan and surgical template. Use traditional PVS impression technique or intraoral scanner.

3. Diagnostics & 3D implant planning

accuguide Diagnostics & 3D implant planning
The user can import the 3D
data set (DICOM) directly into the surgical planning software. The implant is positioned with respect to the patient’s anatomy and the desired prosthetic outcome. After completion of the implant planning, the software provides the coordinate plan for surgical template fabrication and the surgical protocol.

5. Guided surgery and implant insertion

accuguide Guided surgery and implant insertion

After fixing the surgical template in the patient’s mouth, the implant bed can be prepared with the guided instruments and followed by guided implant insertion. The surgical protocol indicates which instruments are required to prepare each implant site

2. CT/DVT scanning

accuguide CT/DVT scanningThe patient is scanned with a 3D CT/DVT scanner. The scanning process can be carried out with most commercially available CT and DVT devices that provide imaging information according to the widely accepted DICOM standard.

4. Surgical template fabrication

accuguide Surgical template fabricationThe surgical template is produced with the surgical planning according to the template plan that is provided for each implant. The surgical template contains the surgical sleeves that guide the surgical instruments and the implant. There is no need to produce a new template. If desired, the scan template can be reworked into the surgical template.