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  • Are there natural ways to prevent cavities? March 20, 2018
    Many home remedies can prevent cavities or stop them at a very early stage. Find out more about causes, preventive strategies, and when to see a dentist.
  • Is clove oil effective for toothache? March 19, 2018
    In this article, we look at the evidence for clove oil as a treatment for toothache, and investigate whether it has any possible side effects.
  • Why do I have a bitter taste in my mouth? March 11, 2018
    A bitter taste can have many causes, including pregnancy, acid reflux, and dry mouth. Learn more about symptoms, causes, and how to get rid of the taste.
  • Home remedies to get rid of yellow teeth March 10, 2018
    A look at how to get rid of yellow teeth using home remedies. Included is detail on why teeth go yellow in the first place and reducing discoloration.
  • What is periodontal surgery? March 10, 2018
    Learn all about gum surgery, including the conditions it is used for and the different types that are available. We also look at preparation and recovery times.