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Optio™ Patient Education – Be Proactive About Your Dental Health

Ever wonder when you walk into your dentist’s office what they are exactly going to do to your teeth? Do you get uncomfortable even thinking about visiting your dentist for that new dental implant or filling because it’s an unknown experience for you? We understand the anxieties you as a dental patient may experience about your upcoming dental work and that’s why we provide patient Dental Education to help explain unfamiliar dental procedures to ease some of that anxiety. If you’re just curious about how to improve your dental health then this is the right place to educate yourself on common dental problems and dental procedures.

It’s imperative to learn how to maintain healthy gums and teeth to avoid future dental issues such as missing teeth because of prolonged tooth decay. Experts say most dental problems can be prevented by practicing good oral hygiene on a daily basis. In recent years, multiple studies have found dental health can negatively affect your overall health. For example, Endocarditis is an infection of the inner lining of your heart and typically occurs when bacteria from another part of your body, such as your mouth, spreads through your bloodstream and attaches to damaged areas in your heart. This leads to damage and destruction of your heart valves and other complications if left untreated.

We offer patient education videos for a better understanding of dental procedures, tips for preventive measures, cosmetic options and even a section of fun videos to help kids understand the importance of dental care and visiting their dentist. Being proactive about oral hygiene will help you have a healthier and better quality of life that we believe no one should be without.

On the left is our Optio Dentistry™ patient education. Click on a video to view a step-by-step, animated example from our library of dental modules. 


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